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Rubber Mulch vs. Wood Mulch

Rubber Mulch proves time and time again to be the smart choice for all ground cover or safety surfacing material needs. Rubber mulch provides superior fall height protection when used as a training course or playground safety surfacing material. As a landscape ground cover it provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly ground cover. The aesthetic, performance, financial, and environmental benefits speak for themselves and significantly outweigh wood mulch or engineered wood fiber (EWF) for a ground cover or safety surface.

Rubber Mulch looks great in landscaping & is a safer surface for playgrounds

Rubber Mulch

Long lasting color that maintains beauty year after year

Saves time and money by eliminating annual mulching

Doesn’t attract insects, including termites

Allows water and nutrients to pass directly into soil

Resists floating, blowing away and eroding

Does not rot or decompose

Comes in a variety of colors

Prevents weed growth

Reduces allergy risk by inhibiting growth of mold and fungi

Wood mulch requires annual replacement and can decompose after time

Wood Mulch

Needs to be replaced every year due to decomposition.

Initially cheaper but adds up with the frequent replacement and treatments.

Wood mulch creates a moist environment that attracts plant damaging insects and termites

Treated wood mulch could negatively affect both plant life and its soil due to the absorption of chemicals

Because of its light weight, wood mulch is quick to blow away and easily erodes

Made out of organic material, it is quick to decompose

Comes in a variety of colors

Wood mulch decomposition creates the perfect environment for weeds to grow

Wood mulch decomposition creates the perfect environment mold and fungi to flourish

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