Hewn Stone

Hewn Stone brings the chic solemnity of castle-work to modern architecture with rough textures and smooth colors. Inspirational patterns and five unique sizes offer ultimate customization in design.

Dimensions (approx): 3" H  x  8" L, 3" H  x  14" L, 5" H  x  14" L, 5" H  x  22" L and  8" H  x  22" L

Rectangular split face stones with nominal dimensions as listed.

Thickness:1-1/2". Corner returns:3" to 7"(3"stones) and 3" to 10"(5" & 8" stones).

Coverage is based on tight-fitted mortar joints to achieve a dry stacked look and will vary based on joint size, cutting or trimming preferences.

Available colors: Arctic, Foundation, Span and Talus.