Roundtable 6X6

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6 x 6
Onyx/Natural shown

Note: We can't guarantee that your monitor's display of color will be accurate. Please contact Fanellis Landscape Supply  to view samples.

RoundTable Collection
As a precaution against scuffing when compacting pavingstones from the RoundTable Collection a compactor with a bolt-on urethane protection mat should be used. As an alternative, place a heavy-duty geotextile (filter fabric) over the pavers prior to compaction.

Random Design Kits consist of four different Cambridge Pavingstones shapes in the proper ratio to complete appealing, randomly laid patterns.

Circle Design Kits provide the six Cambridge Pavingstones shapes to create circle patterns in an array of design options.

Actual Size (Inches) 6X6

Weight Per Cube (lbs) 2,835

SF Per Cube: 105

Pieces Per Cube: 420

SF Per Band: 15.00

Pieces Per Band: 60

Bands Per Cube: 7