Photinia x fraseri - Red Tip Photinia #3 18-24"

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Photinia x fraseri, also known as Fraser photinia, is a popular evergreen shrub that is widely grown in gardens and landscapes for its attractive foliage, showy flowers, and vibrant red new growth. Some of the main characteristics of this plant include:

  1. Size: Fraser photinia can grow up to 15 feet tall and wide, making it a relatively large shrub.

  2. Foliage: The leaves of Fraser photinia are glossy and leathery, with a bright green color that turns deep red as the new growth emerges.

  3. Flowers: In spring, Fraser photinia produces clusters of small white flowers that are highly fragrant and attractive to bees and other pollinators.

  4. Berries: After the flowers have faded, Fraser photinia produces small red berries that are not edible but add to the ornamental value of the plant.

  5. Growth rate: Fraser photinia is a relatively fast-growing shrub that can put on up to 2 feet of growth per year.

  6. Sun and soil requirements: Fraser photinia thrives in full sun to partial shade and prefers well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter.

  7. Cold hardiness: Fraser photinia is hardy in USDA zones 7 to 9, which means it can tolerate winter temperatures as low as 0°F.

  8. Pruning: Fraser photinia can be pruned to maintain its shape and size, but it is important to avoid pruning it too heavily as this can lead to damage or death of the plant.

Overall, Fraser photinia is a versatile and attractive shrub that is well-suited to a wide range of garden and landscape settings.