OX Tools Tradesman Box Level 48"/120 cm Magnified Vials

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OX Tools Tradesman Box Level 48"/120 cm Magnified Vials is a high-quality and reliable leveling tool that is perfect for construction professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The level features magnified vials that provide clear and easy-to-read measurements, even in low light conditions. The vials are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that you get accurate measurements for years to come.

The level itself is made with a sturdy aluminum frame that is designed to withstand heavy use on the job site. The frame is also lightweight and easy to handle, making it an ideal choice for professionals who need to carry their tools with them from one job to the next.

Whether you're a construction professional working on a large-scale project, or a DIY enthusiast looking to tackle a home improvement project, the OX Tools Tradesman Box Level 48"/120 cm Magnified Vials is an excellent choice. With its durable construction and easy-to-read vials, this level is sure to provide you with accurate and reliable measurements every time.

Product description

Size:48"/120 cm

OX Tools tradesman are designed to be extremely accurate and durable to handle all jobsite applications. They feature vials that are accurate to 0. 0005" over 1" or . 5mm over a meter. The shock absorbing end caps protects the level against drops. The magnified vials make them easier to read and each vial has a lifetime and are individually calibrated. The level is lightweight weighing in at only 2.9 lbs and it has one milled surface for accuracy.