Lyrical™ Blues Meadow Sage Salvia nemorosa 'Balyriclu' 2 Gal

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Lyrical™ Blues Meadow Sage (Salvia nemorosa 'Balyriclu') is a popular perennial plant that is known for its attractive blue-purple flowers and low-maintenance requirements. Here are some of the characteristics of Lyrical™ Blues Meadow Sage:

  1. Height: Lyrical™ Blues grows up to 12-18 inches tall with an upright habit.

  2. Foliage: The foliage is grey-green, aromatic, and has a fine texture. The leaves are lance-shaped and grow up to 4 inches long.

  3. Flowers: The flowers of Lyrical™ Blues are blue-purple, tubular-shaped, and bloom in spikes above the foliage in late spring to summer.

  4. Sunlight: Lyrical™ Blues prefers full sun but can tolerate some light shade.

  5. Soil: This plant is adaptable to a range of soils, but it prefers well-drained soils that are rich in organic matter.

  6. Water: Lyrical™ Blues is fairly drought-tolerant once established, but it will benefit from regular watering during hot, dry weather.

  7. Maintenance: This plant is low-maintenance and does not require frequent pruning. However, deadheading spent blooms will encourage more flowers and extend the bloom time.

  8. Wildlife attraction: The flowers of Lyrical™ Blues are attractive to bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

  9. Uses: Lyrical™ Blues is often used in borders, rock gardens, and cottage gardens. It also makes a great cut flower.

  10. Disease and pest resistance: This plant is generally resistant to most diseases and pests that commonly affect other garden plants.

Overall, Lyrical™ Blues Meadow Sage is a beautiful and versatile plant that can add color and interest to any garden.