Little Gem Norway Spruce Picea abies 'Little Gem' 24-30"

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Picea abies 'Little Gem', commonly known as Little Gem Norway spruce, is a slow-growing, dwarf evergreen conifer that is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant. Here are some characteristics of this plant:

  1. Size: Little Gem Norway spruce typically grows up to 3-4 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide over a period of 10 years.

  2. Needles: The needles are short (0.5-1 inch long), stiff, and sharp, with a dark green color. They are arranged in a spiral pattern around the stems.

  3. Cones: The cones are small (1-2 inches long) and cylindrical, with thin scales that are flexible when young.

  4. Growth habit: Little Gem Norway spruce has a compact, dense growth habit, with a symmetrical shape.

  5. Sun and soil requirements: Little Gem Norway spruce prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained, slightly acidic soil.

  6. Winter hardiness: Little Gem Norway spruce is cold hardy and can survive in USDA Zones 3-7.

  7. Disease resistance: Little Gem Norway spruce is relatively resistant to the diseases and pests that affect other spruce species.

  8. Landscape use: Little Gem Norway spruce is often used as a low-growing, compact evergreen shrub in rock gardens, borders, and other small garden spaces.

  9. Deer resistance: Little Gem Norway spruce is generally considered deer resistant.

  10. Dwarf cultivar: Little Gem Norway spruce is a dwarf cultivar of Picea abies, a species of spruce native to northern and central Europe.