Ledgestone Cap wth Armortec®

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Note: We can't guarantee that your monitor's display of color will be accurate. Please contact Fanellis Landscape Supply  to view samples.

Cambridge Bullnose is available in various types for stairs, pool coping, wall caps or upright for a garden border.

Cambridge Turfstone is used where a permeable pavement is needed for proper drainage or to pave and stabilize an embankment. Click here for additional information on permeable pavement solutions.

Holland Without Spacer Bars & Chamfered Edges is used for a finished look anywhere sidewalls of pavers show (steps, risers, landings, knee walls, facing, etc.) and when stacking pavingstones as you would bricks.

Aqua-Bric® Type 1 is also available from The Renaissance Collection. Click here for additional information on Aqua-Bric Type 1 and permeable pavement solutions. Aqua-Bric is a trademark of Advanced Pavement Technology Inc.

Cambridge Curbstone gives you the look of natural stone with an affordable, durable alternative to plastic edge restraints, aluminum and wood edging, as well as concrete curb or toe and Belgian Block.

Cambridge Edgestone is ideal as edging for mulch beds, gardens, decorative gravel and more in lieu of concrete, clay brick, molded plastic and wood edging.

Actual Size(inches) 19 1/8 x 19 1/8- 7Pcs 18 3/4 x 16 1/2- 7pcs 16 x 13 3/4 - 14pcs 11 7/11 x 9 3/8- 14pcs

2 3/8"Thick * All caps 12 9/16" Depth

All four pieces are conveniently packaged on one pallet.One cube contains 7 corner units that can be used as a right or left corner, and as regular units.

Straight, curved, circular and serpentine designs can be easily created with these four larger configurations- these trapezoidal and one square. With deep, blustone-like clefts,  this multi-use option can be used for pool coping, steps, wall caps and pavingstone borders.

Linear Ft. Per Cube: 51 Pieces Per Cube: 42 Total Weight: 1,450 ibs. (Pallet Incl)