Green Up Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer 5,000SF Bag

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  • Fertilizer analysis: 21-0-3 
  • Use in the spring or fall
  • Kills weeds down to the root
  • Feeds lawns for up to 3 months
  • Controls 250+ broadleaf weeds

Jonathan Greens Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer is a premium grade herbicide and lawn fertilizer combination which controls weeds while feeding the lawn. Weed & Feed is designed to promote lush green growth in lawns and control over 250 broadleaf weeds including dandelions, chickweed, clover, wild onions, thistle, and poison ivy.

When to Apply: 

  • Apply when dandelions, clover, and other broadleaf weeds first appear in spring, summer, or early fall. Do not apply when temperatures are over 85° Fahrenheit. 
  • Spread in the morning while there’s still dew on the lawn, or after a light rain shower. 
  • Only apply to lawns that have not been mowed for at least 48 hours. The particles need to cling to the leaves of the weeds for the herbicide to work.
  • Do not apply when seeding or under newly laid sod.


  • Use a rotary or drop lawn spreader.
  • Check to make sure the spreader opening at the bottom of the hopper is closed.  
  • To select the proper spreader setting see the Spreader Settings Section in the accordion below.
  • Push the lever forward only when ready to spread.
  • Apply fertilizer around the perimeter of the lawn to establish a turning area. Then run the spreader back and forth within the area outlined by your first perimeter application. Always allow overlap to avoid gaps in coverage. 
  • Do not reseed the lawn for at least 2 weeks after application.

Post Application:

  • To avoid staining, sweep any excess fertilizer granules off of hard surfaces and back onto the lawn.
  • Do not mow the lawn for at least 72 hours after application to allow the weed control time to be absorbed. 
  • Start irrigating the lawn 72 hours after application.


  • 15 lb Bag – 5,000 sq. ft. 
  • 45 lb Bag – 15,000 sq. ft. 

Analysis:  21-0-3

Can Be Used When Seeding:  No

Apply to Dry or Damp Lawn:  Damp

Safe for Children & Pets:  No

Application Temperature Range:  55° – 80°F

When to Use:  Late spring, summer, or early fall

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