Cedar Mulch Bales 5.5 CF or 2.5CF

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100% Natural Western Red Cedar Mulch.  Packaged in 5.5 cubic yard compressed bales. That's correct... 5 1/2 cubic yards. One bale will cover up to 600 sq feet at 3" depth when spread out in your landscape setting.

Cedar Mulch is great for repelling unwanted insects. Mulch is shredded so it mats down well on slopes or walking pathways. Great as ground cover around your garden boxes. Excellent mulch for around your trees, shrubs and flowerbeds. Will not break down like other mulches.

100% natural. No chemicals or dyes added. It naturally has it's own color beauty and fragrance.

Get many years use out of it before you need to add a small layer on top, unlike other cheaper mulches that require adding more at least annually or some that require twice a year application. In the long run, cheaper is not better!

5.5 cuyd bales fit in back of truck bed or on any trailer.