Brown Mulch 3 C.F. Bag

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Howe brown mulch is a 100% premium wood mulch that will protect and enhance your landscape with a natural, finished look. By creating a protective barrier around your plants and over soil, Howe mulch will help stabilize soil moisture, moderate soil temperatures, and protect plants from drying out. In addition, the mulch will control erosion and moderate weed growth.
  • Shredded mulch will add a finished look to your landscape
  • Aids in moisture retention and discourages weed seed germination
  • For best, long lasting color results, do not allow colored mulch to get wet within 24 hours of application
  • Mulch and soil council certified
  • Available in 3 colors: red, black and brown, this is a natural wood product; color, size and wood species vary by region, actual item may vary from photo

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