Boulevard Cypress Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Boulevard' ('Cyano Viridis')

Boulevard Cypress Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Boulevard' ('Cyano Viridis')

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The Boulevard Cypress is a classic garden evergreen that just keeps on giving. Its wonderful steel-blue foliage looks great anywhere in the garden, and contrasts well with all other garden colors. Use it around the house, or in beds in other parts of the garden. It also makes a lovely plant for large planter boxes. It will grow steadily to around 6 feet tall, and then more slowly until in maturity it may be 12 feet tall. Its size is easily controlled with clipping, but it never becomes very wide, so it doesn’t cause problems and crowd out other plants at all. The foliage is soft and mossy to the touch, which is unusual for evergreens, which are mostly spikey and harsh. Children and adults all love to stroke the soft foliage. In winter it usually turns shades of purple-blue, returning to the silver-blue color when spring comes around.

  • Classic silver-blue upright evergreen

  • Ideal plant for the foundation planting of a garden

  • Attractive purple shades in winter

  • Needs no clipping to stay neat and attractive

  • Resistant to deer and free of pests and diseases

Plant the Boulevard Cypress in a sunny spot in cooler places, and in afternoon shade in hot areas. It is hardy to minus 30 degrees, and thrives in all but the very hottest parts of the country, so it is almost certain this plant will grow where you live. It grows best in soil that is well-drained but not constantly dry. Established plants will not be bothered by normal periods of summer dryness. This plant is cold-resistant, usually untouched by deer, and it has no significant pests or diseases. Just plant it, sit back, and enjoy its beauty.