Black JackTM 4.75 inch garden edging - 1 inch round top bead / single v-lip wall anchor

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Black JackTM 4.75 inch garden edging with a 1 inch round top bead and a single v-lip wall anchor is a type of garden edging designed to provide a clean and attractive border for flower beds, pathways, and other landscaping features. The 4.75 inch height of the edging allows for a substantial barrier between your lawn or garden and the surrounding landscape, helping to keep grass and weeds from encroaching on your planting beds.

The 1 inch round top bead adds a decorative touch to the edging, creating a smooth and finished look. The single v-lip wall anchor is used to secure the edging to the ground, ensuring that it stays in place and maintains its shape over time. This type of garden edging is made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, making it a great investment for any landscaping project.

An alternative to Oly-Ola’s popular Black Edg-KnightTM style, Black JackTM is the industry’s best of the single 'v-lip' edgings. Without compromising quality, this edging was designed to be slightly smaller, making it a more economical option to help you win those close bids.

Black JackTM edging comes in a 20' length which includes 4 non-bending steel stakes and 1 crosslock connector.

Black JackTM is made with 100% recycled, high grade polyethylene, without fillers or blown in materials. It is made to last!


Category:  Landscape Edging, Lawn Edging, Round Top Edging, Bed Divider



Dig a trench 5 inches deep along the lawn or bed edge. Place the edging in the trench and anchor it with stakes as indicated above. Use only Oly-Ola’s exclusive crosslock connector when joining two lengths of edging together and be sure to use the overlap method pictured below.


Pound a stake through the edging wall every 4 feet at a 45 degree angle. The stake should be installed at about the midway point of the wall. Pound the stake through the edging but be sure to leave 2 inches undriven to allow for resistance on both sides of the wall. Use extra stakes when securing joints and curves. Do not make the mistake of using too few stakes, especially when the ground is exposed to cold temperatures.


Our unique crosslock connector is provided exclusively by Oly-Ola with all of our round top style edgings, except Trim-LineTM. The fit of this connector can be adjusted by rotating it. When looking at the connector’s end, it appears as a ‘+’. Inserted into the edging as a plus sign, this will give it a tighter fit. Rotate the plug 45 degrees and insert the plug as an ‘X’ and you will get a slightly looser fit.

* Avoid weak and unsightly joints by using the overlap method (see below), and by using Oly-Ola’s tight fitting, effective connector.

OVERLAP METHOD (for joining lengths): Guard Against Gapping and Frost Heave


1. Cut off a 4 inch section of the round bead on one of the edging pieces and a 4 inch section of the v-lip on the other piece with a metal snip, utility knife or saw.

2. Use our exclusive crosslock connector to join the two sections, while overlapping the two pieces of edging.

3. Drive 1 or 2 steel anchoring stakes through both sections at a 45 degree angle toward the turf or outside portion of the bed.