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Yellow beach stone is the perfect size for applications such as:

  • Driveways– Gravel driveways have become increasingly popular throughout the years, and yellow round stones are a fabulous pick. The gravel is optimally sized for vehicular traffic, promotes healthy drainage, creates a unique look for your property and is very budget-friendly.
  • Paths – Many people enjoy using yellow round stone to construct interesting walkways and paths that connect various areas of the property. The rocks are soft and comfortable to walk on and can add a lot of texture and visual interest to the landscape. You might choose to create paths that are comprised entirely of these rocks, or use them as a filler around stepping stones and pavers.
  • Gardening – Rocks are frequently used to enhance the overall look of gardening areas and vegetation that’s located throughout the landscape. Yellow round stones are a great choice because they can highlight specific features without outshining them. The gravel also helps to regulate soil temperature and moisture levels.
  • Play Areas –  Whether used in or around a park playground or a backyard swing set, 3/8″ yellow round “Jersey Shore” stones can be used to create a shock absorbent surface to improve safety.
  • Beaches – Given the name, it’s no surprise that “Jersey Shore” gravel works so well around the shorelines of ponds, lakes and swimming pools. The material is comfortable to walk on, looks fantastic, is easy to maintain and can even help with shore erosion control.

Sold by the cubic yard, 1/2 Cubic yard min.

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