2CM  16" X 32" X 3/4" Beach Beige Porcelain Pavers (#3)

2CM 16" X 32" X 3/4" Beach Beige Porcelain Pavers (#3)

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2CM Beach Beige Porcelain Pavers is one of the most popular designs we have, with its neutral beige tones it is perfect for any pool deck or patio Porcelain Paver installation.

 2CM Beach Beige porcelain pavers are sleek and streamlined—creating a contemporary, elegant space that is guaranteed to turn heads. Robust yet sophisticated, our 2CM Beach Beige porcelain pavers will look stunning in any number of patterns and layouts.

Why 2CM Beach Beige Porcelain Pavers?

Aesthetic Appeal: Beach Beige offers a neutral yet lustrous aesthetic. While other color options may struggle to match your home's own exterior aesthetic, the 2CM Beach Beige paver effortlessly integrates. It allows other colors to pop as the rich blues of your pool match the sky above, and the deep greens of the grass of your backyard flourish.

Light Color Porcelain Paver: Light color porcelain pavers benefit from several features that come naturally. These include:

    • Lower Heat Retention: Regardless of whether you're interested in porcelain pavers for your patio, pool deck, walkway, or steps, it's important to remember they'll likely be exposed to the sun all day long (unless under direct cover). This can lead to discomfort as you walk around due to the heat, but that isn't the case with light color porcelain pavers like our 2CM Beach Beige. Lighter colors will reflect more sunlight rather than retain it, staying cool all day long.
    • Expansive Space: Light color porcelain pavers benefit from the optical illusion of appearing far larger than they actually are. When laid out, light-colored stone pavers will create a large, open space for you to enjoy, whereas darker stones tend to create a cozier, more intimate appearance.

Slip Resistance: Unlike natural stone and concrete pavers for your pool deck or patio, you can rest assured knowing the 2CM Beach Beige porcelain paver is slip-resistant, making it ideal for pool decks and patios where they're susceptible to being covered in water.

Low Maintenance: Porcelain pavers are substantially lower maintenance than other stone and concrete options. Our 2CM Beach Beige porcelain pavers are nonporous and stain-resistant, ensuring you'll never have to worry about cracks or stains. 

COD: PR1304
Category: Porcelain