Weeping Serbian Spruce- Picea omorika 'Pendula Bruns'

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Picea omorika 'Pendula Bruns' is a large-growing, upright, strictly weeping selection of Serbian spruce with typical lush silvery, blue-green needles. Most nurseries produce this plant as straight upright creating a very narrow effect in the garden. However, over time, unless continuously staked, the terminal leader will begin to twist and meander, resulting in no two mature specimens looking alike. Annual rate of growth of the terminal leader is 12 to 18 inches (30 - 45 cm) in whichever direction is chosen. The strict weeping laterals grow at a rate of 6 to 8 inches (15 - 20 cm) per year. As you can imagine, a mature specimen is a sight to behold; it is one of the "must have" conifers for any substantial conifer collection.


Prefers moist, well-drained, loamy soil. Follow a regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. Feed with a general purpose fertilizer before new growth begins in spring.


Average Size at Maturity Reaches 6 to 8 ft. tall and 2 ft. wide in 10 years.
Bloom Time Conifer; prized for foliage.
Deciduous/ Evergreen Evergreen
Foliage Color Blue-green
Garden Style Asian/Zen, Contemporary
Growth Habit Weeping
Growth Rate Slow
Landscape Use Hedge, Mass Planting, Specimen
Light Needs Full sun
Special Feature Dwarf Plant, Easy Care, Waterwise, Year-round Interest
Water Needs Moderate
Watering Needs Water regularly in extreme heat; less often, once established.
Key Feature Dwarf Habit