Pin Oak - Quercus palustris 2.5-3" Cal

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Quercus palustris, commonly known as Pin Oak, is a large deciduous tree that is native to the eastern United States. It is known for its distinctive pyramidal shape, with a broad spreading crown and straight trunk.

A 2.5-3" Cal tree refers to the diameter of the trunk at a height of 6 inches above the ground, and is a common size for planting.

Pin Oak leaves are deeply lobed with a distinctive shape, turning a beautiful red color in the fall. This tree grows to a height of 60-70 feet and a spread of 25-40 feet.

When selecting a Pin Oak for planting, it is important to choose a healthy specimen with a well-developed root system. This will ensure the tree's long-term health and success in your landscape. Proper planting and care instructions should be followed to give the tree the best chance of thriving in its new home.