Monrovia-Hetz Blue Juniper Juniperus chinensis 'Hetzii Glauca' Pompon

Monrovia-Hetz Blue Juniper Juniperus chinensis 'Hetzii Glauca' Pompon

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This gorgeous evergreen has a naturally upright, spreading form and frosty blue-green foliage that works very well for screening while adding color and texture to the landscape. The semi-erect, dense branching habit assumes a fountain-like shape. Trained topiary forms are excellent for use in containers and for accenting a formal garden.

Full sun

Once established, water occasionally; more in extreme heat or containers.

Highly adaptable and easy to grow in most well-drained soils; avoid overly wet conditions. Water deeply, regularly during the first growing season to establish an extensive root system. Once established, reduce frequency; tolerates mild drought. Apply fertilizer before new growth begins in spring. Prune annually to shape.

More Information
Botanical Pronunciation ju-NIP-er-us chi-NEN-sis
Average Size at Maturity Grows 8 ft. tall, 10 ft. wide, in natural form.
Bloom Time Conifer; prized for foliage.
Design Ideas This is a big, graceful upright Juniper that makes a super divider between residential yards and adjacent commercial lots. It will effectively block both hot and cold winds when planted in a tight row. Super dense privacy screen and ideal cover for utilities. May be used as a single specimen where its fountain shape is best seen. Also suited to shearing into formal shapes and available in an open-branched pompon for use in Asian or contemporary gardens.
Deciduous/ Evergreen Evergreen
Foliage Color Blue-green
Garden Style Asian/Zen, Contemporary, Mediterranean, Rustic
Growth Habit Erect
Growth Rate Moderate
Landscape Use Border, Erosion Control, Mass Planting, Privacy Screen, Specimen, Topiary, Windbreak, Coastal Exposure, Urban Garden
Light Needs Full sun
Soil Needs All-Purpose Plant Food
Special Feature Dense Habit, Dramatic Foliage Color, Easy Care, Extreme Cold Hardiness, Tolerates Poor Soils, Waterwise, Year-round Interest, Tolerates Urban Pollution
Water Needs Low
Watering Needs Once established, water occasionally; more in extreme heat or containers.
Companion Plants Rose (Rosa); Catmint (Nepeta); Maiden Grass (Miscanthus); Barberry (Berberis); Russian Sage (Perovskia)