'Karl Foerster' Feather Reed Grass 3 Gal

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'Karl Foerster' Feather Reed Grass (Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster') is a popular ornamental grass that is well-known for its tall, upright growth habit, which makes it a great choice for adding height and structure to garden borders or as a specimen plant. Here are some of the characteristics of 'Karl Foerster' Feather Reed Grass:

  1. Height: 'Karl Foerster' can grow up to 4-5 feet tall, with a narrow, upright habit.

  2. Foliage: The foliage is green and narrow, with a fine texture. The leaves are about 1/4 inch wide and grow up to 2 feet long.

  3. Flowers: The flowers of 'Karl Foerster' are narrow, feathery plumes that rise above the foliage in early summer. The plumes start out greenish in color and then turn a wheat-colored tan as they mature.

  4. Sunlight: 'Karl Foerster' prefers full sun but can tolerate some light shade.

  5. Soil: This grass is adaptable to a range of soils, but it prefers well-drained soils that are rich in organic matter.

  6. Water: 'Karl Foerster' is fairly drought-tolerant once established, but it will benefit from regular watering during hot, dry weather.

  7. Maintenance: This grass is relatively low-maintenance and does not require frequent pruning. However, you may want to trim it back in late winter or early spring to remove any dead or damaged foliage.

  8. Wildlife attraction: The plumes of 'Karl Foerster' can provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife.

  9. Winter interest: The tan-colored plumes of 'Karl Foerster' can add winter interest to the garden, and the foliage can turn a lovely golden color in the fall.

Overall, 'Karl Foerster' Feather Reed Grass is a versatile and attractive grass that can add a lot of interest to your garden.