EXCLAMATION!® London Planetree 2.5-3" Cal

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Quick Overview

EXCLAMATION!® London Planetree is a popular, durable, and attractive shade and street tree. EXCLAMATION!® London Planetree is very tolerant of adverse conditions and road salt, and the interestingly shaped leaves are dark greening turning to bright yellow in the fall. EXCLAMATION!® London Planetree’s naturally shedding bark creates a dappled brown and cream pattern that accentuates sunlight filtered through the foliage. A popular choice for parkways, malls, parks, shopping centers, or anywhere a large shade tree is needed! 


Botanical Name Platanus x acerifolia 'Morton Circle'
Hardiness Zone 5
Tree Type Shade
Size Range Large Tree (more than 40 feet)
Mature Height 55'
Mature Spread 35'
Shape Pyramidal
Foliage Color Medium Green
Fall Color Yellow/Gold
Flower Color N/A
Decorative Fruit None
Landscape Uses Shade, Parkway/Street
Growth Rate Fast
Plant Tolerance Very Adaptable
Standout Feature Very Adaptable, Interesting Shedding Bark, Very Uniform Look