Commercial Weed Stopper 2OZ

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Weed Control

Fabriscape weed control fabrics prevent unwanted weeds in an environmentally friendly way.  All our fabrics allow air, water, and fertilizers to pass through to plant roots.  All fabrics are permanent when covered from sunlight.

WEED CONTROL FABRIC• Stops approx. 95% of weed growth• Lets air, water and fertilizer pass through toplant roots• Saves you time (no more weeding)• Permanent when covered from sunlight

FILTER FABRIC• Wrap around pipe or use behind retainingwalls• Protects native soil and silt from cloggingdrainage septic systems• Drainage protection to maintain flow andpercolation• Prolongs life of septic drain fields anddrainage pipes

BENEFITS• Cuts quickly, no fraying• Easy to install• Available in variety of retail and bulk sizes• Permanent when covered from sunlight

USE UNDER OR AROUND• Wooden Decks • Decorative Stone & Bark• Retaining Wall Filter Fabric• Drainage and Septic Systems• Annual Vegetable Gardens